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The WHOLE TRUTH about Photo-Booths . . .

After years of research and lots of experience with various company’s Photo Booths, we wanted to put out the TRUTH that many people may not know about this new fad in the wedding industry today. We are in hopes that this will help many potential brides and grooms, and put some frequently unnoticed facts out that are commonly overlooked or not uncovered until it’s too late. Please review the following information and if there is anything that you feel is unclear or you need further explanation on, contact us back. We would love to discuss this more with anyone who feels they need help in this area.

  • Quality of the Images

Have you REALLY looked at the quality of the images that the Photo Booth companies who do the “instant prints” give out? In the cases that we have seen, the prints that are produced from these machines are really, really poor quality. Why, would you want your family and guests to have poor quality photographs to take home. And for those who don’t believe this, ask around to see if anyone you know has one from an event to show you. “If” they have not thrown it out, we assure you that you will not be very impressed. Ours are up and on-line the next day and are the exact same quality and from the same lab that the bride and groom’s master prints come from. They can easily be viewed, emailed, purchased or placed on Facebook and other social network sites. Its easy, and the quality is simply awesome.

  • So You Think you Like that “Prop Box?”

Yes, we were excited about this in the beginning as well. Our team was ready to go out and find the coolest props that ever existed. That is until we were informed of a few things that we didn’t even think about:

  1. The “Eeeewwwww Factor – Do you think that multi-colored afro wig and the big sunglasses and fake nose EVER GET CLEANED between clients? We are here to tell you that all the photographers we saw who have a “prop box”, never once cleaned them.
  2. Why would anyone spend the time, effort and money that goes into every wedding and have the SAME PROPS that everybody else has in their pictures? We are also here to tell you that all the photographers we saw who have a prop box, used the same props for every event. Why not be “original?”

Is there an answer to this prop box problem? Of course . . .
We suggest that the couple put together their own “personalized” prop box. This way, the props are clean, exactly the way YOU want them, and can be coordinated to color, theme or other personal touches, that is ONLY FOR YOUR EVENT.

  • $900 – $1200 for 4 Hours?

Does this sound expensive to anyone else out there? What if your wedding is running late and you can’t get to your reception on time? What if your guests (including your family and yourself), are still having fun in the Photo Booth at the end of this 4 hours? Do they charge extra for additional hours? This seems excessive to us.

Our Photo Booth is $600 with Unlimited use and NO TIME LIMITS at the Reception. If the client has hired our company to photograph their wedding, this price drops to $500 with most packages.

  • Handicap Accessible?

What about grandma that is in a wheelchair? Do the other Photo Booths allow for this, or can a wheelchair or a walker even fit in their Photo Booth? You guessed it. In almost every case, they simply do not. And YES, our Photo Booth is completely handi-cap accessible. We have done grandma in a wheelchair many, many times.

  • How Many People Fit?

Here’s another one that other Photo Booths fall way short on. In most Photo Booths, if you wanted to get all 7 of the bridesmaids in the picture, you would be very disappointed. And yes, we have had up to 14 in our Photo Booth in one shot.

So the bottom line here is, we have put a great deal of study and time into developing “just the right” Photo Booth for our clients. They are very portable, easy to put up and take down, take up very little room, do not attach to floors, walls or ceilings and are a heck of a lot of fun. If you haven’t experienced a Photo Booth, you should. And if you want to experience the best Photo Booths available today, come and lets us show you what we have, We call ours the:

Foto Pipeline


“We want to give all the credit for our Photo Booths, to our good friends in Ottawa, Ontario. They were the driving force behind launching this venture for us and we love and respect them dearly for continuing to hammer us on this issue until we gave in and made it “part of our company.” Kevin and Renee Pellerine – YOU GUYS ROCK !!! Without you and your persistence, we would not have the Photo Booths that we do today.”


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    Thanks DEKE and Crew!

    What a great FAQ write up too…think we migh *steal* some of it ;o)

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