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Is it true . . . ?

Yes, for all of the high school students who have heard this rumor last week and are leaving messages on our studio phone . . . . yes, it is very true.

We are soon releasing the – “first of its kind in the world”, new eComic, called “The Cullective.” And yes, we will be drawing a student’s name every month from July through October to be a “Character in an upcoming episode.” This includes the actual acting and possibly the voice acting as well. And yes . . .  we are being flooded by phone calls and emails. We are answering them as quickly as possible. This is quite possibly the coolest and most unique offer for high school students that any company has ever done.

And for “Brittney” (we couldn’t make out your last name) – who asked if we need a model release from her parents – Uh, yes . . . this is required in order for our company to put these images up on public domain.

Keep checking guys . . . the pilot is in production at this very moment . . .

Be well . . .


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