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First Character Images from “The Cullective”

Here are the first character images from The Cullective. The costuming was awesome and Morghun, Eracia and The Child were great to work with. All had fun and we are ready to shoot the pilot here very soon. All other aspects are in line and audio is ready including sound effects. Soon it will be – “Houston . . . we have lift-off”

Enjoy . . .

We are so excited about what’s to come with this. From the script and storyline, to the costumes and the filming and audio . . .  this is just going to be a ball for everyone. The world really needs this new eComic. It is going to change the way people think of comic books, no doubt . . .

Hang onto your butts out there . . .

OTE “Cullective Crew”

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  1. Emily says:

    My Favs #5 & #10

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