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Belle Victorian Wedding . . .

Jenna and Peter got married on Saturday at Belle Victorian in Deer Park. Yes, the forecast was rain, but nothing was going to ruin this couple’s beautiful day. Skye and I had such a great time with this couple, their family and guests. They decided to make this event an “Unplugged Wedding,” and we are certain that they are VERY glad they chose to do this. All the people were able to simply set back and take in the event. The rain let up after the ceremony as we had a wonderful meal, cut the cake and danced the night away. Brian was the D.J. from Generations Entertainment so the music and accompaniment was flawless. And to top off the night, we met Jenna and Peter at the Hotel Lusso for a final flop on the couples bed.

We had a marvelous time and wish this couple the very best. We’ll take that rain if it means photographing this couple, again and again and again . . .

Enjoy a selection from the event below. The rest will be released through the website tomorrow . . .

Skye . . . your images were stunning as usual. Thanks . . .

Grubb & Rain

2 Responses to “Belle Victorian Wedding . . .”

  1. Megan R. says:

    I was a guest at this wedding (which was stunning, by the way). And even though it rained early in the day, the images are way fantastic. I heard the lady who was running the facility say that she was putting the images she took, up on her Facebook page the next day. I just wanted to say that I thought she was very rude to the photographers by getting right in their shots during the formals. Is that how they always do things? I would be so pissed if I was the bride. Anyways, my boyfriend has been checking the Bella Facebook and their website and blog and as of today, she never put any of her images up. (maybe they didn’t turn out) Would totally serve her right. And the shots that your photographers got were absolutely fantastic. Ten times better than anything on their site. They should be having your company redo all the images for sure. The place was gorgeous but the people need to chill.

    OMG !!!! My boyfriend just showed me that they put someone else’s wedding picks up on Jenna’s wedding day on their FB> Are they just inconsiderate or what? How rude.

  2. Rain says:


    Yes we did notice this and yes, it is a disappointment. We appreciate your kind words and do agree that these images would heavily improve the site. We have found over the years, and dealing with vendors of all sorts, that some chose to “play favorites” rather than depict what is best for future potential clients. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this. We hold our heads high, knowing that we always do fair business and treat all vendors and clients with the same respect. We live by three simple rules, which is in our mission statement and has been for over 20 years.

    “Work Hard – Play Hard – Hold No Grudges”

    Be well . . .

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