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Best Wedding of the year . . . The Quarry / Mt. Vernon, Washington

We have had a HUGE amount of fantastic weddings this year. Prior to two weekends ago, it would have been difficult to pick one as “The Wedding” of the year. But then, Fish and I hadn’t photographed the Hilding / Wallace wedding at that point. OMG !!! This one completely knocked the ball out of the park. And even with rain THE ENTIRE TIME. (YES, IT RAINED THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE EVENT)

It was simply awesome . . . .

The facilty – the caterer – the music – the surrounding area and the family, friends and guests were absolutely the best of the year so far. Joseph, The Quarry is a magical place in Mount Vernon, Washington. Simply jaw-dropping. And your staff is second to no other.

Check out these images to see what fun we all had and feel free to go see the rest through the events page of the website. Maggie and Ryan . . . you guys ROCK!!!!!

We will do another event for you IN THE RAIN anytime.

Enjoy . . .

Rain & Fish

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  1. Renee says:

    Simply jaw-dropping ;o)

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