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SSSsssssshhhhhhh – “its a secret”

Well sometimes we get clients who fall into the celebrity, witness protection, running from the law, won the lottery or Freddy Krueger scars category. It is for this reason that we are asked to keep all aspects of some events very private. Now we are not going to tell you which of these categories this last wedding was in, but we can tell you that it was the most fun we have had in years. Every aspect of this event went flawlessly, and even though keeping this a secret was difficult, it was simply stunning in every detail. Yes, we understand that some people for one reason or another need their privacy (even when they are famous). OOooooppppss . . . . did I say that?




Check a few of these out and see what you missed. Maybe the National Inquirer will have  it soon. (just kidding)



Enjoy . . .




Rainman – Snake – Grubb

2 Responses to “SSSsssssshhhhhhh – “its a secret””

  1. Renee says:

    LOVE this post. Well said guys ;o)
    Great shots.

  2. Keri Kay says:

    Ahh, the secret “maaaaaybe it’s a celebrity” photo shoots… I did one of those once and it’s such a fun secret to keep. :) Great attention to detail!

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