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Snake gets back from Brazil tomorrow . . .

Yes, Chris (Snake) gets back tomorrow from Brazil. We anxiously await the images that he always brings back from these exotic trips every year. But THIS YEAR he has a 600mm IS lens which should really improve his talents even more. Of course he probably had to pay a native a few bucks extra “just to carry the damn thing” through the jungle, (ha). We will no doubt be placing some of the images on the blog here in the next few days. If they are anything like what he has brought us in the past . . . . you won’t want to miss this. He is a true pro when it comes to capturing the best images of any subject. We will probably have a great deal of animals, lots of documentary shots and most likely some travel and scenic ones too.

Here is one of his shots that was taken for a job last year.


We can’t wait to see more . . . .


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