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Hidden Meadows – “A True hidden Treasure”

This wedding was simply unbelievable from beginning to end. What a unique and magical facility. The facility owners were fantastic to work with and this event could not have been any more beautiful. We are in hopes to do many more events there and encourage anyone who is considering a “fairy tale” facility that is located near Moses Lake, Washington, to check this “one of a kind” facility out. Here are some images from this event to show you how stunning it was. Jess and Kyle looked awesome and were in a great mood with all of their family friends and guests to take part in their “special day” together.

And for the “very few” who know what happened . . . . “don’t ask what happened to the wedding cake.” Those images are forever locked away. Hey, you have to have at least one thing to remember and tell your grandkids to make them laugh some day, right? Well, this one was a real doozie.

Enjoy . . .


The gorgeous facility


Rehearsal on Friday


Rehearsal Dinner at Chicos – Pizza and Beer for everyone


The girls getting their hair done before the wedding


Yes, they really did run out of gas on the way to the wedding – The photographers saved the day


No, she’s really not Bride-Zilla. I think we asked her what she would do if Kyle didn’t show up . . . . (kidding of course)


Top to bottom


Lavender in the background


The patient groom in the shade


Yes, even the swans had perfect timing that day


The girls by the “wedding tree”


One of Skye’s favorite shots


The guys on the bridge


Minutes before the start


One proud father


From behind


Saying the vows


Snapping a candid of the caterers


One final formal before the light was gone


First dance


Kyle, where are your hands my friend?


And yes, Jess could keep them all up (for a second anyway)


The minister and his fiance` – quiet time alone after the long day


Infrared – during the vows

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As you can see, it was an event not soon forgotten. Jess and kyle – Your family and friends were absolutlely fantastic to work with and be around. We wish you the best life in the world.


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  1. Teresa Bessett says:

    I could add so much to what has already been said about the magnificent venue and the glory of the day because I am like that…smile…but Deke expressed it all so beautifully I will let that rest. Instead I would like to post a comment about the two lovely, sweetly generous, consistently kind (and funny!) human beings who photographed our daughters wedding (Deke and Skye). We could not have asked for more if we had made a list. Did I mention how warm and sincere they are, how open their hearts, how ready their friendship? Their creative approach, passionate energy, boundless enthuisiasm and dedicated professionalism is next to none. I was not the only one awestruck by these two, having been privy to compliment upon compliment in their regard. I should also mention that alot of the young men (and secretly, I suspect most of my own peers) were bowled over by the beautiful Skye). And what are the odds we would have two Skye’s in attendance at the wedding…? I don’t know how to thank you properly, other than to say I am grateful to have met you and feel a bit more at ease and contented by being reminded there are people like you in the world…Take good care…and if there is anything either of you need over my way, please do not hesitate to ask……


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