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Senior Pictures – Spokane (Yes, it’s time again . . .)

If you are a client who knows us well, you probably know that we do not fish after the Senior Picture market here. After seeing however, the quality of work that is average here, and the price people are paying for the work . . . we simply could not turn our backs on this. So here in Spokane, (and in the Boise area) we will be showing the world how we feel that Senior Pictures should be done. We have an easy to follow price structure that is the best deal around. We have NO sitting fees and we offer an unbleivable deal through our “Bring a Friend and Refer a Friend” program. This can literally cut hundreds off the price. compare it to anyone out there guys. It simply cannot be beat by anyone.


Any questions, comments or concerns . . . . contact one of our staff members right away.


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