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News about “The Queen” . . .

For those who know her, Jackie “The Queen” is currently undergoing some very trying medical issues. Our hearts are with her and Dan through this heartfelt time and are there for them for “whatever” they might need. Since a few of us have experienced similar trials in the past recent years, we fully know what they are going through right now. I want to be the first to volunteer to shave my head right along with her in order to show my support and understanding of what she will be going through.


And now all of you can laugh your heads off as you know that I will look no where near as good as this guy. Call us if you need anything guys. We are here for you at a moments notice.

Deke, Zoey and the rest of the crew . . .

One Response to “News about “The Queen” . . .”

  1. Dan says:

    You know, I told Jacky that if she only gets part of her head shaved, that you would match it.

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