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Where has “On the edge” been . . . ?

Well, yes . . . we have been very busy shooting several commercial jobs here in the last few weeks. The most recent was the Buddy Werner finals at the Mt. Spokane Ski area. WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME!!!!

Here are a few images from our first day where we took the team photos and had a ball. Too bad the weather turned “less than desired” after this. All 4000+ images are up on the “Images” site if you want to see them. (Better make some popcorn, because it will take you hours to go through them all. And there are more coming tomorrow. We are uploading them as fast as we can.

So this was Simon, Danny Boy, Skye Bird and Myself. It was very cold, long, tiring and pushing the limits of our team. All in all though, we had a great time and enjoyed all the teams, racers and coaches tremendously. We can’t wait to do it again another year.

Soon . . .








So when all you guys think your job is rough . . . . remember what we had to do for this job. From 7:30 in the morning at roughly 17 degree weather, standing on the side of a slalom hill in snowshoes in blizzard snow and a skier coming by your camera about every 30 seconds. Now THATS dedication guys . . . When we say no one beats our team, we “really” mean it.

Be well . . .


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