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Spokane Interstate Fair / Photography Exhibit . . .

For anyone who has visited our local fair, they know very well how photography plays a huge roll. This started in 1901 and has been a well sought after exhibit ever since. This will be the first year that Onhe edge will play a roll in taking over the inner workings of this. Our f/5.3 Judges Group will be organizing and running this exhibit and introducing a few very new and heavily needed aspects, to bring this photography exhibit into the 21st century. A few of the new things are:

- 12 Categories

- Voting for Peoples Choice by cell phones

- Increased prize money for all winners

- Industry product awards of premium value

- Docents working the booth and exhibit who can educate and give out targeted coupons, and information

- Vendor product demos

- And more . . .

So . . . if you haven’t entered a few of your photographs at the fair, you might want to give this another look. Considering how much we have made this far more rewarding and a LOT more fun . . . check it out. And if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting any member of the Advisory board or f/5.3 Judges Group.

Here is the mock up for the cover of this years brochure. Yes, every year we will have the previous Grand Champion on the front cover and the Reserve Grand Champion on the back cover.


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