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Rooftop Wedding / Spokane Convention Center . . .

Hey gang and fellow OTE follows . . .

Yes, we are quite aware that we are WAY behind on our blog posting and replies. We have been very, very busy with out of town work for the most part. So, as per a meeting with our team last week, we now have Katie and David putting this task on their weekly routine. Thanks to all the friends who have been “poking us in the head” to get on this.


Now to tell you about Saturday’s wedding – Oh my God was it fun. Mykell and I shot this one and had a ball.

This wedding had the bride’s family who was from Russia. This meant that there was no alcohol and no dancing whatsoever. At first, we were a little worried that people might leave and not partake in the other activities at this event or find it boring. This was most definitely not the case at all. As you can see from the images, this wedding was a great time and the people (family, friends and guests), were very enjoyable and entertaining. We took the wedding party up to Manito Park and ran them ragged for a few hours. The ceremony was very heartfelt and meaningful. And the weather could not have been any better. Since we had rain and wind at the rehearsal the day before, I think everyone was a little worried that this could be a serious problem. But, by the grace of God . . . the day was absolteily perfect in every way.

Joel and Marina were fantastic to work with and had a smile on every step of the way . . .  good luck guys !!!!

Rain and Michelangelo

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