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Foto Booth – Krebs / Anderson at Bozarth Mansion . . .

Well . . . the foto booth got a really good workout on this one for sure. And yes . . . there are a few, that can only be released by the bride and groom as they are “not something we can show to our kids and grandmother” – sorry guys / house rules. And for those who know . . . it adds a whole new dimension to the term, “Thumbs Up” for sure. Josh and I had our jaw dropped over this one.

So as you can see, everyone had a ball and used the booth over and over and over. All the rest are up on the website if you want to see the others.

Be well . . .

Rain & Commie

2 Responses to “Foto Booth – Krebs / Anderson at Bozarth Mansion . . .”

  1. Texie says:

    What a relief!

  2. Renee says:

    *Thumbs Up* guys, great stuff!

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