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Africa in August – - – ?

Yes, we are aware that some of you out there have heard rumor of our company going to Africa in August, 2009 to do a new project for a wonderul company and cause. The answer is “yes, this looks highly likely” at this point. The client is very pleased with our proposal and we expect that arrangements and final contractual agreements will be in hand fairly soon. For the client’s privacy and the fact that this is not set in stone yet, we are not letting anyone know any further details. We can tell you however, it is a fantastic opportunity for 5 or 6 from our team. As soon as we have contracts signed and the approval from the client, we will let everyone know specifically where we are going, what we are doing and who this client is. So for now . . . we must zip our lips, sorry.

And no . . . you wont get any further information by calling into one of the guys you know. Hang tight . . . we will let the cat out of the bag as soon as we can.

Deke, Simon, Chris, Mike and Ian

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