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Jingle Bell Swim . . . Seattle

After our return back home from this event, it took three days for our snorkels and swim fins to completely dry out (ha). It rained, and rained, and then it rained some more. IT ACTUALLY NEVER STOPPED RAINING THE ENTIRE TIME WE WERE THERE. So we got in our gear, and shot in the rain. No, there were not as many opportunities for unique photographs due to always attempting to cover our cameras and wipe our lenses off. But as you will see . . . we still were able to pull off what few are able to do. Yes, even though everyone was soaked, AND I MEAN REALLY, REALLY SOAKED, everyone seemed to just suck it up and have a great time anyway. The costumes were hilarious and the attitudes were forgiving. And by the way . . . we LOVE the Arthritis Foundation. They are AWESOME to work with and communicate better than any other company or organization, period. We wish all our clients would be this effective.

Please check out these few images and feel free to see all the rest which are live through the “images site.”

Long day, lots of work, lots of driving and LOTS of EVERYTHING WET ALL THE WAY THROUGH. This was shot by Pinky, Commie, Narko and myself. Yes, they all ROCK !!!

Pinky – Commie – Narko and Rain

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