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Davenport Family Farm Wedding . . .

This one was not for the “city slicker” at all. These are farm people. Just finding this place made us very glad for our GPS. It was WAY out there.

And when we finally did find it . . . what a wonderful surprise was in store for us. One of the most beautiful weddings we have ever done. Stunning backdrops and the most wonderful people. It must be that waking every day when the sun comes up, and working till the cows come home kind of life. (Ok . . . we are slightly kidding of course)

Check out a few images from this event. Andrea and Sean were an adorable couple with family and friends that we would adopt in a heartbeat.

And from the looks of it . . . being pelted by wheat, must hurt a little. Debbie and I had a great time photographing this event and it was worth every minute and mile spent.


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  1. Andrea Blackburn says:

    What a fun event for all of us involved. Tons of surprises and it made for a great event. The pictures turned out great and Deke and Debbie were amazing! Wish we could do it again!!!

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