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Some might find this gross . . .

Yes, there are some people who will turn away on this one.


Our company started a game that we play in the car while traveling. We call it “Roadkill.” There are very detailed rules to this game, but the basic idea is that one person in the car has to yell “ROADKILL” before the vehicle has passed the animal along the road. This must be called ON another photographer in the car and it is “their” responsibility to get out and photograph it to the best of their ability.You would not believe how much this crazy game has caught on over the years.


Well, yesterday . . . while Grubb and I were leaving Bonners Ferry, and there was 20 minutes of sunlight left in the sky, I yelled “ROADKILL / GRUBB.” Needless to say, as I was pulling the car over, Grubb whipped her head around to see what I had seen and what “she” must now conquer. As you will see in the following images, what I thought was one deer, turned out to be 2 elk that were partially decomposed and not at all for anyone with a weak stomach. This never affected Grubb and she jumped at the chance (on her first ever Roadkill opportunity) to do her magic.


For her first time . . .  I think she did a pretty good job.


Here you go . . .



We thought we were coming back empty handed, and ended up having a very cool subject to tackle.


Rain – Grubb

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  1. …while Renee has now left the room … here now sits Kevin with a smile on his face. I have shots (with my camera in hand, not with firearm, axe or other item as to create their existence) these road side finds on occasion. I kind of liked the idea that I might be giving the animal (or other…) kind of a parting gift hoping that they did not die in vain and complete useless circumstance, I guess that idea that my photo might be one last chance to live on.

    Yeah, Very cool indeed. I do look forward to a road trip with hopefully with a few of you to where ever you decide to take Renee and I when we get the chance to stop in and visit. Don’t tag Renee she will just vomit, I am in, just pass my extension tubes and the macro lens… I am diving IN!!!

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