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Beacon Hill – “Wareham / Gaddis” Wedding

What a beautiful wedding this was. The attention to detail was unsurpassed. Katie . . . all we can say is, “awesome.” Great food, wonderful family and friends, the way the colors and design was put together at the facility was perfect. And the flowers – - – Oh my God!!!! We were completely blown away by this new company. When we first heard of “Paper Flowers”, we were not too impressed. But after seeing them first hand, we clearly see how very cool they really are. And they last forever and never wilt in the heat. (Boy did we have the heat that day)

Here are a few picks from the wedding. Check out all the others through the “events page.”

Way to go guys . . . Brent and I had a maaauvelous time.

As you can see, everyone had a fantastic time . . .


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