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Arthritis Foundation – Jingle Bell Run (World’s Largest)

After shooting the Spokane Jingle Bell Run a few weeks ago, we knew that the one in Seattle would be really big. Big is simply an understatement. Since we have Bloomsday in Spokane, we thought that we would be very prepared for this. OH MY GOD !!!!! This was unbelievable. The massive amounts of participation was mind blowing. The costumes were beyond creative and it went from a beautiful downtown location, to a “standing room only” event, very fast.

Check out these photos. Many, many more will be up on the site later today for all to see.









So as you can see, this was a LOT of fun. We lost Lisa (Narco) in the crowd for a few hours. Chris (Snake) ripped his pants in the worst place possible. Simon (Fish) forgot that the keys to the rig were in his pocket so he had to bike all the way back downtown. And I attempted to keep them all out of trouble and somewhat near a Starbucks the entire time. All in all – a WONDERFUL shoot……

Check out all the others. They really rock for sure.


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